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Make Money.

We believe every creator has worth and should be able to earn for what they make.

We connect real people to real opportunity and help creators make thousands per month doing what they love.

Earn money as a creator by collaborating with brands

Maximise your earning potential as a creator with our four types of brand partnerships: just UGC content, organic posts, creator ads, and paid collaborations.

Boost your income and visibility while getting paid for your talents.

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Just UGC Content

Some brands want authentic user-generated content for their own channel and not yours.  You can keep doing what you love the most: creating content without worrying about saturating your audience.

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Organic Posts

Choose products that align with your personal brand, create awesome content and share the results with your audience on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Creator Ads

Lots of brands want to run ads from your TikTok or Instagram handles. Creator licensing and TikTok Spark Ads will boost your traffic and visibility on top of getting paid!

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Paid Collaborations

Larger brands are looking for top creators to work on paid collaborations. Build your portfolio and reputation and we will pitch you to hundreds of brands for paid partnership opportunities.

What to expect


Find brand collaborations you love

Pick from over one hundred brands that fit your profile with complete freedom to choose who you work with. You might even end up with a long-term brand relationship!


Get payment guarantees

As soon as you’re hired, our team will freeze your payment in the brand’s account. That way your money will be saved until you send the campaign requirements.


Become more attractive creator to brands

Tok Digital helps you build an attractive creator profile making it easy for brands to discover you. Additionally, we have a rating system that boosts our top creators' visibility.

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